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It’s similar to the Newlywed Game, but with only one member of the couple present.A few weeks before the party, compile a list of questions and send them to the groom-to-be with specific instructions to mention it to his significant other.I listed here some of my favourite Truth and Dare questions for everyone. How many relationships have you ever been involved in? Have you ever had a stomach ache because of overfeeding? Which profession do you secretly admire but would be embarrassed if your friends found out about? Call your mum and tell her that you don’t think you should be doing the dishes 10. Make the sounds of four pet animals that are most popular and we must tell which ones they are without straining 9. What was the most stupid thing you did in the name of love?

On a whim, you decide to get Ashley a little surprise treat.

I love this game because it’s usually really funny or sweet and it’s also a great way to get to know more about the couple.

Chances are not all the guests will have been around when they met and some may not know the groom that well. If Mike could get rid of anything in Ashley’s wardrobe, what article of clothing would he dump?

(I actually recommend putting this in the email header.

One groom said he started reading my email aloud to his bride before realizing what is was and suddenly shutting up.) The questions can range from simple, like “when is your anniversary” or “what was your first date” to scandalous, like “what’s the wildest place you’ve had sex.” I try to tailor it to the couple and always encourage the guy to throw in a few of his own (these can be some of the funniest because the guys get so specific).

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Does Mike think Ashley is sexiest in a sundress, jeans and a tank top, lingerie or pajamas? What is the one song Mike likes but will never admit? Complete the following sentence: “When Ashley wakes up in the morning my _____ is usually on her _____.” Have fun!

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