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Make it your mission to prove that you don’t have to be immodest to stand out. In fact, in 2 Samuel –16, King David “danced before the LORD with all his might.” He busted a major move because of his overflowing joy over the Lord’s presence.However, the Bible does give this warning: Dance in a way that steers clear of every “hint” of sexual sin. Circle up with a group of friends and have a blast.

If you don’t already have a boyfriend or girlfriend, your date options are wide open. First, make sure they’re not going to the dance with anyone else. Compliment their outfit, find an excuse to talk to them about an assignment or sit next to them during a baseball game or lunch.Your prom date could be in your after-school activity mix.If you’ve never hung out with them outside of your extracurricular, don’t be afraid. The Summer Fling Prom time is the perfect time to rekindle last summer’s romance.usually in your brother or sister’s room blasting music or eating every snack in the kitchen. Conversation Starters for Dating A Younger Date Don’t rule out the teens in the grade or two below you.Maybe you’ve had your eye on the junior who plays on the same varsity team as you or the sophomore who’s in Chorus with you.

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