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As soon as we're done here, I'm gonna walk away, and I'm never coming back.

Caroline: No, you don't because, yes, I cover our connection with hostility because, yes, I hate myself for the truth, so if you promise to walk away like you said an never come back, then, yes, I will be honest with you.

How are you supposed to help me stay alive if you can't even help yourself?

You two are just waiting for the convenient time to hand me back over to him.

Clearly you've heard the man's version of the story, the one where I'm a back-stabbing lunatic who ruined everything for Silas, a raging bitch witch whose obsession with vengeance created a whole new dimension of suffering in the afterlife.

And I'm not gonna let someone else's idea of destiny stop me from loving you, or being with you, or building a future with you, because.my life.

He says it will be therapeutic for me to write down my feelings about the fact that I'm dying and there's nothing I can do about it.You don't think that-- it's impossible that she's be-- we would have noticed.You know that big, red button that just nukes your entire relationship once as for all?Katherine: (voice-over) Dear Diary, so here I am alive.Damon: Rule number one, think of the worst thing Katherine Pierce has ever done to you.

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Damon: Katherine fricking Pierce has a selfless moment, I'm not allowed to?

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