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"Every thing is possible, if the will is there.I have desire and will to make it happen..." Her voice turned hoarse. Suddenly she pulled her jeans and panty down and demanded to fuck her fast, as she was getting late to talk more with Kavita and do some thing fast to organize the crazy group fucking session get going as soon as possible.Priya leaned on side wall and opened her legs wide.She was bending down to suck me and my other hand went in her loosened jeans to thumb her virgin asshole. Feeling the wrinkled puckered ring of her anus, rubbed it lightly and felt the pulsating heat..I bent on her to take my middle finger down to her wet cunt." " slow masturbate..keep dick still in my ass....hmmmm...ooohhhh" "Gosh....are leaking like never before....." "Yeahhh.......hmmmmmm....I dont see how many are around...have guts to do this....." "Hope..would have total privacy...nice wild fucking..the hot bride "Kavita." "Hmmm......will be possible...imagine the thrill Kavita will get fucked.eve of her marriage..we all will always remember it...ahhhhh...hmmmmm...don't move you dick mom fucker...." It was difficut for me to hold back imminent ejaculation in her hot clenching ass hole. " "Shutttt up and" We slowly gathered speed as she stared to finger her cunt furiously.And after few delicious pokes, went back to lubricate her heated asshole.She now pushed back hard, and took off her mouth from my cock. She had some timed made me cry with her powerful sucking action and ferocious bites on my dick and balls.

After some time of light fingering, rubbing being loved by her, I decided to make her go totally mad by my expert lust full female ass licking.The thick growth of creepers shielded us completely from any chance on looker at any of tall buildings around..I started to pump my dick in to her mouth holding her slender neck tight, by one hand.I bent down to suck and lick her hardened grape shaped nipples, responding to her demands.. But doing that when she was being married seemed like the most crazy idea. Her large eyes were closed, as if she was already imagining me and Kavita making love in her presence."Ohhhh......more..suck deep...ahhhh...that hard you mom fucker......are better now..". "Are you serious or just fantasizing, as you always do.." "Shut up you dog, I have made wildest hot ideas turned real....didn't I.." Her breathing was getting deeper and faster,as if in deep sexual trance. That is not possible..." I protested but was getting terribly aroused by her crazy though process. I have and she liked the novelty and daring involved in getting group fucked on the eve of her marriage..

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