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PSA offered a service to both grade and authenticate baseball cards.

Any cards sent to PSA would be graded and stored in a tamper proof case, thus ensuring the safe buying and selling of that card in the future.

Bottom line is be careful where you buy the cards and always do a thorough inspection once you have the cards in hand.

Here are some examples of cards that have come from this particular scam.

In the baseball card industry, scams, counterfeits and rip-off artists have always existed.

From the early 80s, when counterfeit 1963 Pete Rose rookies flooded the market to more modern sophisticated methods, counterfeiters are always looking for a way to make a dollar.

Notice in the picture below showing a Hank Aaron RC that the upper half of the holder is frosted.

The flips that are used in this scam are homemade, so they utilize a different font, character alignment, and spacing than authentic flips.

The common collector was a prime candidate to be taken advantage of.

Below, I’ll outline the specific scam and what measures need to be taken to avoid this specific scam and scams of a similar nature.

The scam, which originated in California, involved selling high dollar counterfeit cards in legitimate PSA holders.

Even a beginning collector could buy a PSA graded card with the utmost confidence.

Even today, the vast majority of baseball card collectors will rarely question the authenticity of card that resides within a “PSA” case.

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