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Notable examples include: Conrad Brossard was given a life sentence in 1970 after getting convicted of murder.

He also had a criminal history dating back decades, including multiple convictions for assault, attempted rape and armed robbery.

The head of the PBC is a Chairperson who reports to Parliament through the Minister of Public Safety.

As an independent agency, the Minister does not direct the operations of the PBC.

An independent administrative tribunal, the Board has the exclusive authority under the Corrections and Conditional Release Act to grant, deny, cancel, terminate or revoke day parole and full parole.

In addition, the Board is responsible for making decisions to grant, deny and revoke pardons under the Criminal Records Act and the Criminal Code.

In 1997, he admitted to attacking over 30 women and was suspected by police in 120 attacks.

Specifically, new waiting periods of 10 years were made for personal injury offences and indictable sexual offences.

All other offences fell under a waiting period of 5 years for indicatable offences and 3 years for summary convictions.

Additional information was now required for indictable applications, which would detail why they are applying for a pardon, what benefit it would provide and how it would assist their rehabilitation.

Applicants would also need to explain changes in their lives since their conviction(s) and give details about what, how and why the offence occurred. In 2012 Bill C-10 was passed which brought further changes to the Criminal Records Act.

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The annual budget of the PBC is $43 million and the headquarters are located in Ottawa, Ontario with regional offices in Moncton, New Brunswick, Montreal, Quebec, Kingston, Ontario, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Abbotsford, British Columbia and Edmonton, Alberta.

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