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Today's cough drops and peppermint sticks descend from this tradition.

As time and technology progressed, so did the art of confectionery.

"All of the peoples of antiquity made sweetmeats of honey before they had sugar: the Chinese, the Indians, the people of the Middle East, the Egyptians and then the Greeks and Romas used it coat fruits, flowers, and the seeds or stems of plants, to preserve them for use as an ingredient in the kind of confectionery still made in those countries today.

Confectioner and preserves featured in the most sumptuous of Athenian banquets, and were an ornament to Roman feasts at the time of the Satyricon, but it seems that after that the barbarian invasions Europe forgot them for a while, except at certain wealthy courts were Eastern products were eaten...

Stachowicz and candymaker Tom Wall make 1,000 pounds of sponge candy from early November through April. Gradually lower heat as mixture thickens to prevent scorching. The suffix-meat has an archaic meaning of food in the widest sense (surviving in the phrase 'meat and drink'), so sweetmeat simply means a sweet food... Or were "Candy Butcher" shops simply capitalizing on a popular phrase, selling penny candy of all sorts? Concessioner, butcher, September 19, 2004 - I have a question as to why a concessioner is called a butcher, at the circus. The story is that the first person to do this was the animal meat butcher on the Old John Robinson Show sometime before the Civil War.

They make about 150 pounds at a time in a painstaking two-day process. Atmosphere pressure must be above 30 pounds per square inch and humidity must be below 50 percent in the back shop. Remove from heat and quickly stir in baking soda and vanilla. To the inhabitants of Tudor and Stuart England, sweetmeats were sugary foods in general, including pieces of flavoured candy and sugar-covered nuts and spices, products of medieval theories on the medicinal value of sugar, as well as dishes which used sugar as one ingredient amongst many, for structure, sweetness and an air of the exotic... He was so successful, he was able to quit his job as meat butcher.

One of "signature" ingredients in sponge candy is baking soda.

Many sources (including company Web sites) vaguely date the recipe in the 1940s. Apparently this product (or similar products) is known in other parts of the country by different names: fairy candy, fairy food, sea foam, angel food and honeycomb toffee.

An examination of old confectionery texts confirms recipes with these names.

Jujubes, licorice and marshmallows are a prime examples of ancient medicine becoming modern candy.

Conserves and preserves (fruit preserved in sugar) eventually became their own type of food; typically paired toast or spread between cookies and cakes.

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This ingredient is generally omitted from the other recipes.

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