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It is the exact opposite from the DLI Foreign Language Institute here in Monterey.

New to the Central Coast, he lives quietly in Pacific Grove, cooks Russian and Greek specialties, and sings the praises of Guinness stout.He also wrote radio plays and acted in his own and others' plays.One series, very early during World War II, was requested by the Army Air Corps recruiters about training for pilots, navigators and so on.He wrote these radio plays, directed and sometimes acted in them. in Speech Pathology, which he taught at Florida State for three years.At the end of the series, he convinced himself, joined the Air Corps and flew 50 combat missions bombing Germany. But to get a degree in Speech there, you had to take certain science courses such as the anatomy of the vocal mechanism. While there, he wrote a very successful textbook on phonetics, the study of speech sounds.

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was born into an Army family and spent his younger years moving around the United States and Europe.

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